Crowns and Bridges

A dental crown, also sometimes called a “cap” is used to restore and protect a tooth that has been severely worn down, damaged, or cracked. A crown protects a weakened tooth from future catastrophic damage. If a crown is needed, but not done, this may increase the risk to eventually lose that tooth in the future. 


  • You notice crack lines in your tooth
  • Your tooth is completely or partially broken 
  • Your tooth has a very large filling that has started to break down 
  • You have had a recent Root Canal Therapy performed on a tooth. 

Confident Smiles Dental Center offers both classic Gold Crowns as well as modern Tooth Colored Porcelain Crowns. Your crown is a long-term solution, for long-term dental stability and health. 

Tooth Bridges 

A dental bridge is the classic solution to replace a single missing tooth. A bridge will use the support of neighboring teeth to hold a new tooth to fill the missing space.